Towelites! It’s time once again to round up the latest news and rumors surrounding Marvel Studios Phase 2!


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Director Alan Taylor is very passionate about the work he does and creating a grandiose world that these familiar Marvel characters all live and interact within is his priority. Thor: The Dark World hits theaters in one week so here is the latest TV spot and an interview from Screenrant with Taylor to hold you over!

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Making “The Dark World”

“Um, yeah, I’m, I’m so grateful to hear that that’s what’s coming back from the audience as they start to see the film for the first time,  I think I went into it, and I thought my first task was to darken the world and deepen it and dirty it up a little bit. Um, I sort of felt like that was my mandate going in. And then as we started the process, I realized, “Oops. Um, if we’re gonna darken it, if we’re gonna deepen it…we’d better make darn sure that it’s balanced on the other side.” Because the, you know, the key to the Marvel universe and the Marvel language that I was being assaulted by while I was making this movie -‘cause “Avengers” came out while we were starting it, and “Iron Man 3” came out while we were finishing it – was you are screwed if you don’t also keep it funny and light on its feet at the same time. So it’s, it’s called “The Dark World,” and there’s certainly dark currents in it, um, but, yeah, the humor was critical.”

A Third Adventure?

“You mean start all over again? No. It was fun and quite an adventure, but… almost 2 years – too long away from family. But I’d be willing to – and eager to take on another big adventure just not go back and redo the same one. But you didn’t really mean remake Thor 2, did you? [Laughs]. One of the things that’s exciting and keeps us on the edge of our seats about Marvel is that they never announce what they’re going to do until the last minute. Will there be a Thor 3? I certainly hope so. They’ll probably wait until this one comes out before they let the world know. Thor will be back in Avengers 2, and I think he certainly deserves a Thor 3, but that’s up to the gods are Marvel to decide. My experience with Marvel is that they are literally making it up as they go. They have a grand vision that we’ve been witnessing in Phase I, Phase II and Phase III, but literally, in the details, they make it up as they go – and I saw that up-close and personal when we were doing [Thor 2], when major elements were being worked out, really, in the making of the movie.”[/box_light]


agents_of_shield_bannerAfter its week off, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be returning with a brand new episode called Fzzt. This episode marks the return of Agent Blake, played by Titus Welliver, who you will recognize from the Item 47 Marvel One Shot. Check out the gallery below for some great pics from the episode.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns on November 5th and Thor: The Dark World hits theaters on November 8th!

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