Towelites! Not much news for Phase 2 came out of NYCC last week, something that has surprised me for the last couple years. Disney loves to keep their fun to themselves. WELL we have some updates for you! It’s time to round up the latest news and rumors surrounding Marvel Studios’ Phase 2!

Thor 2 the dark world banner

With it being the next movie on Marvel‘s slate of releases for Phase 2, Thor: The Dark World is getting some major press. Today we have a few clips from the movie, a BOS featurette, and a new banner featuring the big bad Malekith. First up Christopher Eccleston had the following to say in an interview in the official Thor: The Dark World magazine about his role as Malekith and also discloses some info that Bor (Odin’s grandfather) will be in a scene or two! Also check the new stills, one gives us our first look at Kurse who will be played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (LOST).

Thor The Dark World Malekith Banner

[box_light]”[Malekith] has almost the godlike status among the elves. He initially appears after a centuries-long sleep. His intention is to reestablish his poisoned planet Svartalfheim – which was destroyed and poisoned centuries and centuries ago – and to return his world to its former glory, because there’s a great sense of aristocracy among the elves, a great sense of their own self. So, he says, ‘I will restore our world to its former glory, or I will die. In order to that, he needs a particular artifact. In his quest to get that artifact, he comes into opposition with Thor, and he has an ancient enmity with Thor’s grandfather. There’s an ancient grudge, Asgard being represented in the light, and Svartalfheim and the elves represented the dark. And that keys into a back-story which affects Thor and Odin very strongly, because there’s a little bit of an element of the sins of the fathers which Malekith is aware of and that Thor’s grandfather is not quite as pure as he painted himself.”

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Thor The Dark World Kurse

thor The dark world 02

thor The dark world 03

thor The dark world 01



Perhaps one of the most anticipated characters to be making his first appearance on the silver screen, the role of Rocket Raccoon is still a bit of a mystery to us. Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) is set to voice the gun-toting mammal, and I can’t wait to see the first clip of him. Here’s what a couple of the film’s stars had to say about their furry co-star!



Star Lord/Chris Pratt

“[Rocket Raccoon has been] tortured his whole life and no one else likes him, so he’s lonely and he’s angry and it’s like, [there are] all these elements [to the character]. You sort of forget about that, you wouldn’t think about, [and] hopefully will come to life. I think it will and that’s why they hired a really good actor to do the role. I could not be more excited that Bradley Cooper is voicing Rocket Raccoon, it’s a great character. It’s probably the best character in the movie, just because it’s not what you would expect.”

Yondu/Michael Rooker

“Rocket and I don’t get along, he’s a bit abrupt and brash for my taste.  I probably have a little Merle in me still, because I would roast him over an open flame and eat him for supper!”

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Thor: The Dark World hits theaters on November 8th, just under a month from now! Look for GOTG in 2014!

Stay tooned 😛




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