In a world of speculation, when Marvel Comics makes even the slightest move, news of trademarking any classic titles is enough to get the chat on the interwebs going. SO what does Marvel picking up the trademarks for both Tales to Astonish and Tales of Suspense mean? With Journey into Mystery still being one of the companies strong titles why wouldn’t they try bringing back a couple titles that they could tell a variety of stories?! This is what I am leaning towards of course, it doesn’t sound like anything that would be featured in the movie-verse or the TV medium, a little too old school. But maybe as expansion packs for the new online based action-RPG, Marvel Heroes. I think Marvel should go for more of the Brave and the Bold ideal with these books, even though they are running a team-up type A plus X series in Marvel NOW!, with a twist of the odd with classic Kirby-esque stories. I really feel that it is time to go for a little more of the obscure. What do you think Towelites? Sound off in the comments!

Stay tooned 😛