So are you ready for the Fantastic Four reboot!? I am!! Marvel and Fox have announced that the reboot will be hitting theaters in 2015! WOW! What a year for comic book movies!!!! Chronicle director  Josh Trank is officially onboard and the movie is moving forward under the careful guidance of Mark Millar. From the looks of it Fox is ready to take their properties seriously and FF should be no exception! Being one of my favorite books of all time, I believe that the 2 previous installments were OK, but the treatment of Doctor Doom was poor, so let’s see this time around! I am looking for it to be more on the inter-dimensional adventure side, maybe some Inhumans, a fanboy can dream!

Via: Entertainment Weekly

On the other end of Marvel Manhattan, actor Martin Sheen has confirmed that he will return as Uncle Ben in the upcoming sequel to Amazing Spider-Man. Here’s what he had to say on the Late Late Show:

“They’ve called me back, I don’t know what the part is gonna be, but I’m going to be ‘Uncle Ben’ once again in Spider-Man next year. We shoot it in February.”


Stay tooned 😛