As the SSR tries to cope with the death of Chief Dooley, they are summoned to a strange murder crime scene at a local movie theater.  Agent Thompson and Agent Sousa can’t understand how all these people just suddenly died.  They discover that one of Stark’s inventions is the culprit and Sousa gets to experience what the movie goers went through by accidentally inhaling the gas and trying to kill Thompson.  Carter fears that Dr. Ivchenko is planning something big that day and the SSR has to figure out what that is.  Howard Stark makes an appearance to try to help them.

Agent Carter Valediction 02The Good

  • We get to find out what really happened at the Battle of Finow.
  • The gas used in the movie theater is called Midnight Oil.
  • Ivchenko’s real name is Johann Fenhoff. He blames Stark for his brother’s death at Finow.
  • Agent Thompson and Carter realize that Fenhoff plans to brainwash Stark to fly a plane into Manhattan and widely disperse Midnight Oil in the air and infect the city.
  • Carter find Fenhoff and Dottie in the radio room at the airport giving Stark orders.  Carter and Dottie start beating each other to a pulp while Fenhoff escapes.  Carter finally gets the upper hand and kicks Dottie out of the window.
  • Sousa and Thompson capture Fenhoff while trying to run.
  • It’s déjà vu all over again for Carter. She is trying to talk Stark down, just like when Captain America sacrificed himself to save lives.  Jarvis is flying a second plane as a backup plan to fire on Stark if Carter can’t snap him out of his brainwashed delusions.
  • Carter is able to reach Stark just in time.
  • Carter can’t find Dottie’s body. She is out there in the wind.
  • Agent Thompson gets the credit for stopping the Russians from destroying New York, but Carter is okay with that. She got the one thing she has always wanted since she first started working in the SSR: respect from her fellow agents.
  • Angie and Carter are offered to live in Stark’s mansion, and Jarvis gave Carter Steve’s blood without Howard’s knowledge. She took it and poured it over the Hudson.
  • Zola meets Fenhoff in prison, and says everything is going to be okay.

Agent Carter Valediction 01The Bad

  • This is a pretty good episode. I hope it comes back next season.

This week Carter finally gets to spread her wings and do what she does best, kicking ass and stopping the Russians from infecting New York City with a killer pathogen.  Stark finally gets his freedom back and Dottie and Carter have their cat fight at last.  We get to see a familiar face at the end of the episode so I think that Fenhoff is not done creating chaos for Stark and the SSR.  Hopefully Carter and Jarvis are ready for another round of spy games next season.