It was a surprise to many of us geeks out there when the Inhumans movie was removed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe calendar. With the debut of the race on Agents of SHIELD and the success of Guardians of the Galaxy one would think that a movie about the Inhuman Royal Family would easily make it’s way to success. Well today Marvel and ABC announced that The Inhumans will start off in an unprecedented fashion by debuting in IMAX theaters and then make its way to TV.

So does this mean the end of Agents of SHIELD? The show has only picked up steam in its current season with the inclusion of Ghost Rider but hasn’t really gained the popularity that many expected it would. I also feel that by centering a show around Inhumans that people actually care about, like Black Bolt or Medusa, they will please many more Marvel fans.

The Inhumans will premiere next September, so keep it tooned to DFAT for more updates on this exciting project!