Marvel had it’s big Live Stream today and boy did we hear some news. As a Marvel fanboy since my inception I’m pretty much geeking out hardcore as I write this and I can’t wait to share the big announcements. We have the official movie lineup until 2019 as well as some little nuggets of goodness thrown in for good measure. Lets get right to it!

First up, We have Captain America: Civil War. It seems a bit too early in my opinion to have this, especially without having Spider-Man in the roster.


Next, we have Doctor Strange. What’s super Strange about this, is no official word from Kevin Feige as to whether Benedict Cumberbatch has the role or not. We won’t drop it until we have an official word, unlike the rest of the internet savages out there.


No big news on Guardians of the Galaxy 2, oh wait yes there is, they moved up the date to May 5th, 2017. Yes to more mix tapes!


I’m not sure if you know what the Ragnarok is, but its the Norse equivalent of an apocalypse. It’s also said that Thor: Ragnarok to pick up RIGHT AFTER the events in Avengers 2.


Finally, we have official word on Black Panther; and as an added bonus we get that Chadwick Boseman (Get on Up, 42) will be taking over as T’Challa of Wakanda. I only hope that glimpse of Andy Serkis as the possible ‘Klaw’ and the image of Cap’s shield breaking is segway into Black Panther.


A female driven superhero flick!? Finally with Captain Marvel it’s going to happen! Carol Danvers will fly high in her own solo film in 2018!


I can’t wait to see Jack Kirby‘s ‘Inhumans‘ up on the big screen! It’s great news to see another team enter the MCU!

B1DdgVGCIAAENtS-248b3The announcement of two Avengers films comes as no surprise to any of us. What does come as a surprise is that Kevin Feige said that the Avengers roster will likely change by these films. Black Panther and Doc Strange leading Falcon and Black Widow? Guess we’ll find out in Infinity War Part I and Part II. Feel free to speculate on that!


What does everyone think of the movie lineup? How will Civil War work without Spider-Man? Is Disney working on getting the character? Why wasn’t Benedict Cumberbatch OFFICIALLY announced? Eh, Deadline?

Sound off in the comments and Excelsior!!


We also see our first image of Thanos with the INFINITY GUANTLET