Its time to strap on your space suit and defeat some reaper scum this weekend as Bioware is offering additional rewards for participating in “Operation Olympus” this weekend. The map in question is the Firebase: London map, which based of the title and location, would have something to do with a certain international sporting event that ends this week no doubt.

The goal is to have a full extraction after completing wave 10, if this is met, each member of the squad will revive a commendation pack full of extra goodies. Along with this, if across the whole player base 200,000 bronze medals are awarded, 170,000 silver medals, and 70,000 gold medals are awarded, every player who participates will revive a victory pack, full of even more items, weapons, and characters.

Operation Olympus will take place today( August 10) to Sunday( August 12) so make sure you get plenty of action in to help reach that medal total!