After 16 years with Bioware (one of our favorite developers), Casey Hudson, best known for his work on the Mass Effect Casey_Hudsonfranchise is preparing to “hit the reset button” starting with leaving Bioware.

In a statement on the Bioware Blog Hudson plans to take a break, reflect, and determine his next adventure, but not before commending his colleagues on the extraordinary work they are doing on a new IP, the next Mass Effect and upcoming release Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Hudson is not the first high-profile Bioware employee to leave. Founders Ray Muzkya and Greg Zeschuk announced their retirements in 2012. The year was a challenging one for the company in which Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO did not meet expectations and fans reacted…poorly to the ending of Mass Effect 3.

We at DFAT wish Casey Hudson the best in his new adventures and hope to see more great things from him (and Bioware) in the future!