As angry as I was at Toy Guru for ignoring all of us DC and Watchmen clubbers, I am very excited for the new Castle Grayskull set that is now up for pre-order! I thought the blueprints they showed off at NYCC this year were amazing and I jumped on the chance to pre-order the set myself! Check for all the info you need to get your hands on this exclusive set!! Shipping is going to be expensive, they are saying about $20, but I would gladly pay that to display this monstrosity in my house!! Pre-order just opened up and the classic Matty thermometer is at about 40%, so fans you have until November 12th to make it happen, which I’m pretty sure it will! Now we just have to convince Matty to make a Legion of Doom hideout!!! Check out the video below for a mock-up of the new set compared to the classic one, be amazed by the scale of it! Happy collecting!!!



Stay tooned 😛