Toy Fans, it’s that time of year once again! Time is running out to buy your 2014 Subscriptions! Both of Matty’s most epic action figure lines ever, Masters of the Universe Classics and DC Universe Classics, are in risk of ending, well DCUC mostly. I am not a MOTU collector, even though I did order Castle Grayskull and bought the awesome Granamyr last year, I collect the DC’s Club Infinite Earths figures. I have been collecting DC Universe Classics for about 5 years now, what I have amassed may be just as large as my Marvel Legends collection. But the truth is we are STILL missing some vital characters. This years Club Exclusive figure, Doomsday, is enough to get me excited for what the rest of the year will offer up, and great figures like Superboy, Ice, and 90’s bummy Aquaman! I mean come on Matty is raising the stakes this year! Well it has been revealed, as expected, that the “cancelled” Damian Wayne Robin is now going to be part of the 2014 sub, if it goes through of course. This last-ditch Larfleeze-esque effort will probably push the sub a little bit but not what it really needs. I am betting that MOTU makes it through, but it may be crisis time for the DCUC line. Check out both meters below and read Matty’s Damian Wayne reveal.


Toy Fans,

We’ve been waiting patiently while all the logistics were worked out, and now we can finally spill some news about the 2014 DCU subscription! Because you demanded it, Club Infinite Earths has added Damian Wayne to the 2014 lineup!

If the sub goes forward, the cancelled retail figure of Damian Wayne is set to join the most exciting group of figures we’ve ever offered. The son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul is scheduled to be the final figure released for the 2014 sub, joining an amazing lineup that so far includes Doomsday, ‘90s look Aquaman, Ice, and “Conner Kent” Superboy.

But there’s a catch… all of this only happens if the 2014 DCU sub goes forward. We’ve only got until August 19 to make it happen so sign up for a 2014 Club Infinite Earths subscription today!



So Towelites just like last year, I once again plead to you. If you are a familiar who is on the fence about renewing, or maybe you have thought about becoming a collector, or maybe it could be a great gift for that geek in your life! WHATEVER!! I would really like to keep writing about these great action figures, so I hope that we can make it happen! If you are ready to buy TODAY, head on over to‘s sub page and get one today! MONDAY (August 19th) is the last day that the subs will be offered, it’s time to make up your mind!!

Stay tooned 😛