The Four Horseman have been sculpting their hearts out on the DC Universe Classsics series from about 2007 to present! Since then we have had over twenty waves of great figures, awesome two-packs, brilliant five-packs, and a collector’s club that spun out when fans demanded that the line not end! So while Mattel continues to produce great current figures, those of us who like to live in the past have Club Infinite Earths. Now on its second year, CIE has given us some great figures that we would have “figured” never making it to production. We were wrong, and our checklist is starting to diminish. So who is still missing? Why is it so important to see these characters get a little bit of the spotlight? Here is my top ten list of which figures I feel should have a place on my shelf.


Ice10. Ice

It is only a matter of time before this white haired hottie arrives on our doorstep. Matty already announced that Ice’s partner in crime-fighting, Fire, would be part of this years sub, but when do you think Ice is going to be announced?? Will she be one of the figures that are remaining for this years sub? Or will we have to keep our fingers crossed for next year? Whatever happens, if the sub fails there will be many collectors out there angered by the fact that Matty didn’t plan on releasing the duo within the same year. Then there’s me who doesn’t really care either way and Ice really only made it on this list because we need more female figures on the shelf and also my OCD denies me the opportunity to choose not to have this figure.

killer croc9. Killer Croc

I will never forget the comedic episode of Batman the Animated Series called “Almost Got ‘Im”. Even though it wasn’t truly Croc, the character set an immediate impression on me. Then throughout the years growing up he became more and more prevalent in the Batman mythos, right up to his terrifying appearances in the Arkham video game series. A great choice if CIE went back to offering a couple over-sized figures a year instead of just the club figure. There are others that I believe would be a better fit, check my number one choice! Croc would be a beautiful sculpt!


Ocean Master8. Ocean Master

One thing I find true in the comic book world is that Aquaman does not get enough love, and that goes along with the figures that are offered from the ocean depths. Yes we have a couple different versions of Aquaman, and a great Black Manta figure. But what about classics (since that’s what the series is called) like Mera and Orm! Throughout the years DC has re-created the character’s origin several times, with us presently having Orm be Aquaman’s half-brother who is keen on being a villain. I just think that another Atlantian on the shelf could’t hurt and maybe one day we can see a Mera figure! Leading to the general publish being more aware of the characters when WB and DC “attempt” to bring Aquaman to the big screen!

1081926-trickster27. Trickster

I’m a big sucker for the Flash Rogue Gallery. Since we already have Cap Cold, Mirror Master, and Captain Boomerang there’s no reason why we can’t have this guy! Come on Mark Hamill played him on the Flash TV show in the 90’s. Doesn’t that at least warrant an action figure! I bet the Four Horsemen could have a lot of fun with this one.



arsenal6. Arsenal

Yes I know we have a Red Arrow figure. Yes we probably need a speedy figure, which would be cool. But what we really need is an Arsenal figure. This no-holds bar roughneck vigilante deserves a space on our shelves than most of the figures listed here, but probably won’t see the light of day unless Mattel puts him in the retail end of things with a New 52 release under the DC Unlimited series. Whatever the case may be I would love to get a version of Roy that features his mechanical arm and needle accessories to show off his heroin addiction. With the TV show Arrow being so popular, we may see a push on these characters being featured in the near future

impulse5. Impulse

We finally got our Wally West Flash figure this year so now all it’ll take to complete the family is Bart Allen’s Impulse. Presently in the New 52, Bart is Kid Flash so it would make sense to throw on his old duds and give us a great looking Impulse figure. I can’t even imagine how cool a display would look with the entire family running through the Speedforce! Impulse’s costume is also a great deviation from the classic red and gold! Come on Matty, we know you love throwing us the team completion bone, so do it!


4. Commissioner Gordongordon commissioner

In my mind you can never have enough Batman characters. With an ginormous rogues gallery which we are still missing a good number of in plastic form, it makes no sense that we don’t have a Commissioner Gordon figure. Standing next to the greatest accessory ever, the Bat-Signal, Gordon could be that surprise “over-sized” figure that no one would expect but everyone would love.


Red Hood Jason Todd3. Red Hood

There is a debate amongst  collectors and fans of the series about which Red Hood should have been featured this year in CIE. Instead of the classic Joker version, which would have made more sense in this series, and instead of the most popular version of the character, “motorcycle fetish” look, we got Jason Todd as he first appeared as this classic villain. It’s kind of crazy that we got the figure we did, and I am still on the fence on how I feel about it. We will probably see Jason Todd as he should be in the current DC Unlimited series or perhaps Matty will put him in the classics line. Where ever Todd pops up he will be accepted and I will probably buy 2!

granny-goodness2. Granny Goodness

One of the most demanded figures to date, and we still do not have the trainer of the soldiers of Apokolips to join the rest of our New Gods collection. The Jack Kirby created torturer would make a great addition to the collection and if she does not make it in by the end of next year, there is something wrong.



Doomsday1. Doomsday

Doomsday SHOULD be next year’s club exclusive figure. We have not had a Mattel rendition of this baddie since the second wave of Mattel’s DC Superheroes line, where the proportions of the toy were too small, but it was a good attempt. Doomsday deserves nothing less than a massive build and a beautiful sculpt that only the Four Horseman can deliver. A centerpiece to any Superman collection, this Boy Scout murdering science project is my most DEMANDED figure! Make it so Mattel, make it so!



So there you have it! There are still a few spots that are a mystery for this years CIE Sub, so who knows what’s going to happen there. These figures are essential to completing teams and or collections, and I still have a few more in reserve! So hopefully the sale goes well this year and the 2014 line goes into production. You can do your part by heading over the subscription page at and purchase a sub for yourself or a loved one!

Stay tooned 😛




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