MattyCollector has a sale coming up!!! September 17th is the day that new subscription products are released and fans/OCD Geeks get their HIGHLY demanded figures this month! Even non-sub fans have the chance to pick up some of these great products! Limited quantity of course! Look back here every month as I round-up the BEST and the WORST of the lot!

DC Universe Signature Series: Black Mask: The king of Gotham is here, with the best accessory ever! Batman’s wrinkled mask…

Justice League Unlimited 3-Pack: Batman, Future Superman, and Future Vandal Savage: This line still continues, and that is awesome!

MOTUC: Mekaneck: This royal “peeping tom” couldn’t help but look through Teela’s windows!

MOTUC: Dragon-blaster Skeletor: Skeletor had a dragon strapped to his back?! What the hell did I miss!

MOTUC: Snakemen 2 pack: Army building at its finest.

MOTUC: Zodak (re-release): This is one  figure I would actually buy from this line. This time-travelin’ bad-ass was actually one of the first-conceived characters in the MOTU line!! Here’s a bio! Essentials Pick of the Month:

Blazing Sword Voltron: Got this one at NYCC ’11, not bad, but not 23″. It does light up though…


Stay Tooned 😛


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