It’s that time of month again! MattyCollector doesn’t have a whole lot of new stuff coming for 2014 as of yet, but remember that the final DC Universe Classic figures will be coming out soon, so keep your eyes peeled for those! Other than that Masters of the Universe Classics are still going strong and we will be seeing some new figures from that line! The sale starts on January 15th for you non-subscribers! Of course you could also add an AWESOME pair of Ecto-Goggles to your collection and have fun bustin’ some ghosts!


The new year brings another villain to Club Eternia®, the chance to catch up with a few old friends from MOTUC, good guy Freddy Freeman from DC Universe, and a must-have from Ghostbusters™. First, if you’re a subscriber we have an important note for you …

Subscribers, Please Read! We want to make sure you receive every shipment of the collector must-haves waiting for you in 2014. If your shipping address, email address or billing information has changed since you signed up for your 2014 subscription last summer, please call Customer Service at 1-877-GO-MATTY no later than January 3, 2014, to update your information.

Now on to the fun stuff! Our first figure to launch the 2014 Club Eternia® is… um… are… Two Bad®, a couple of bounty hunters fused together as punishment by a vengeful Skeletor® (Is he ever not vengeful?) And here’s your chance to beef up your collection with good ol’ Ram Man® and dependable Dekker™. Get your DC Universe fix with teen crime-fighter Freddy Freeman, and start the year prepared for a Slimer attack by snagging a pair of the Ghostbusters™ Ecto Goggles.

MOTUC Ram ManEarly Access 1/14

  • Tuesday, 1/14 from 8 a.m. PT to Wednesday, 1/15 at 8 a.m. PT (subscribers only)
  • Products Available: DC Universe Freddy Freeman, Ghostbusters™ Ecto Goggles, MOTUC Dekker™, MOTUC Ram Man®

All Access Monthly Sale 1/15

  • Wednesday 1/15 at 9 a.m. PT (open to everyone)
  • DC Universe Freddy Freeman*
  • Ghostbusters™ Ecto Goggles*
  • MOTUC Dekker™*
  • MOTUC Ram Man®*
  • MOTUC Two Bad® (Club Eternia® Figure)

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