Its that time of year again! Time to re-up your subscriptions to your favorite Matty lines! I of course have already ordered my 2014 DC Universe Classics Club Infinite Earth’s sub, and I am again eagerly watching the progress updates on a daily basis! Check out the neat meter Matty created this year to track the progress of the sales, looks very Shazam-ey doesn’t it!



I’m kind of surprised that we are not getting a new club this year. After the AWESOME Voltron club and this year’s Watchmen, I’m not sure why we aren’t seeing any movement on that front. It’s kinda worrying and disappointing at the same time. We’ll see… here’s Matty to explain the different shipping options for this year!


Toy Fans,

Back in April, we asked if you’d be interested in having us send your figures to you quarterly rather than monthly if it meant you’d save money on shipping (it costs less to send one big, heavier box vs. several smaller, lighter ones). By your votes, it was clear you were ready for the idea so we’ve been working behind scenes to make it happen. Our 2014 subscriptions are now available and to make sure everyone gets their figures the way they want them, we’re stoked to give you both monthly and quarterly shipping options for 2014! Check it out…

The monthly shipping option is the same way we’ve always done it: your MOTUC figures will be shipped and billed as they’re released each month. With the quarterly shipping option, you’ll still get all the 2014 club releases but we’ll hold them in our warehouse then ship and bill them every three months to save you shipping costs. Here’s how it works: we’ll manufacture the figures for our quarterly subscriptions at the same time as those designated for monthly subscriptions so there are absolutely no differences between them. The figures designated for the quarterly subscriptions will be stored in a separate holding area in the warehouse, just waiting to be shipped to you each quarter. That’s it!

How much will you save by shipping quarterly? That completely depends on where you live, the shipping method you choose, and how many subscriptions you have. As an example, a typical shipment of one basic figure in the US costs about $10 to ship. A similar shipment of three basic figures would be about $15. Your costs will vary, of course, but the potential savings are substantial.

Either way, it’s totally up to you. Monthly and quarterly subscriptions are available now for both Masters of the Universe® Classics Club Eternia® and DC Universe Club Infinite Earths so click here to see the options and place your order today!



Club sign ups run through August 19th so if you are looking for some of the coolest sculpted plastic on the planet get on over to and sign up today!

Stay tooned 😛



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