matty logoIts a GREAT MONTH over at MattyCollector for the DC Universe Classics  fans! Another ‘Lantern Leader‘ joins his comrades on our shelves, and we get the Club Infinite Earth‘s exclusive, Monsieur Mallah & The Brain, a very obscure villain duo. Over on the MOTU side, the very strange Snake-Face is on the rampage!  This character  is outright disgusting.  Sorry for the delay on the Elongated Man review but he ran off on an adventure to Peru and discovered some mysterious GOLDEN alpacas!


Elongated Peru


Toy Fans,

Tax day, schmax day. Here at we’ve got much bigger things happening on April 15th… like Monsieur Mallah The Brain shipping to Club Infinite Earths subscribers! There’s more, like our monthly sale starting at 9 a.m. PT (12 noon ET), so read on for all the details.

April 15th Monthly Sale

  • DCU Larfleeze (Club Infinite Earths figure)
  • MOTUC Snake Face™ (Club Eternia® figure)
  • MOTUC Mosquitor™ (remaining customer svc. stock, subject to Early Access sellout)
  • MOTUC Webstor™ (remaining customer svc. stock, subject to Early Access sellout)
  • MOTUC Snake Men™ 2-Pack (remaining customer svc. stock, subject to Early Access sellout)
  • WWE® Elite Collection Flashback Christian®

For Club Infinite Earths Subscribers Only

  • DCU Monsieur Mallah & The Brain (Club Infinite Earths subscriber-only figure; included with your membership fee so you’ll be charged only for shipping/taxes)

Early Access

For April, we’re venturing deep into the animal kingdom to bring subscribers Mosquitor™, Webstor™, and the Snake Men™ 2-Pack. The Early Access period is Thursday, April 11th at 8 a.m. PT through Friday, April 12th at 8 a.m. PT. Please remember that these figures are subject to sellout during Early Access. Most are leftover Customer Service stock. They are first run (not reissues) and won’t have a “The Original” burst on the package. Early Access products are sold separately from subscription products so shipping can’t be combined.

April Subscription Key Dates

If you’re a subscription holder, here are the important dates to note for April 2013:

Subscriptions Renew/Cards Charged: Starting Wednesday, April 10th

Subscription Orders Ship: Starting Thursday, April 11th

Remember, the sale starts Monday, April 15th at 9 a.m. PT(12 noon ET). Want an email reminder? Click here to register. Or, join me on FacebookTwitter and in ourFan Forums and you’ll get reminders there, too.



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