It’s interesting when you find these kind of images online and yet when you go to the source to verify them, they have been removed. This seems to be the case with the latest reveal from Mezco regarding their popular One:12 Collective line and the latest figures on the horizon. Check them out below in one of our fancy-dancy galleries and head on over to the official Mezco Blog for more information!

No surprise to see Deadpool in there and of course with Spider-Man getting a huge relaunch this year, no doubt that the figure will be extremely popular. The choice of Red Skull is an interesting one, it goes along well with their latest preorder of Captain America, which you can order here RIGHT NOW. With the amazing work that Mezco does on the soft goods including the clothing and accessories for each figure, I am really looking forward to seeing the Deadpool and Spider-Man figures as a final product. If Mezco keeps this up they will lockdown this corner of the market. With the quality of the figures and the great price to go along with it, it’s very difficult to deny picking up these toys. When does that Green Arrow go on sale?

Keep it tooned to DFAT for more updates when they hit!