At this point in my collecting career I don’t know whether I should get another job or run for the hills! SDCC has begun and on Preview Night none other than Mezco Toyz has MORE than impressed me with their latest onslaught of action figures from their One:12 Collective series. I thought I had a hard time fighting off the urge to preorder all of this year’s lineup but then they had to go and do this! Looks as if Mezco may have more of a lockdown on DC Comics characters (which I’m totally not complaining about) but the Marvel ones they have been doing and will be do doing are pretty choice. Take a look below at all of the comic book figures that will be on display at SDCC!

Mezco One12 Arsenal

Mezco One12 Black Adam

Mezco One12 Captain America

Mezco One12 Deadpool

Mezco One12 Deathstroke

Mezco One12 Punisher

Mezco One12 Red Skull

Mezco One12 Red Son

Mezco One12 Spiderman

Mezco One12 Knightmare Batman

Mezco One12 Joker