The One:12 Collective series from Mezco is easily one of my favorite action figure lines ever. It took me a little while to warm up to it, I ran into some hiccups with the pre-order on the original DNR Batman, but I finally got him and all is well. So well actually that I immediately picked up the Mutant Leader and pre-ordered Captain America and Daredevil. These are some of the best 6 inch action figures to date and the addition of soft goods and treating them like their 12 inch counterparts only makes this series even more special. With the big release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice happening this week, the world is wanting more and more Batman. Who can blame them? Well Mezco already has two figures based on the two mains from the film up for preorder, but there’s still more to come! Armored Batman will play a big role in the film when Batman throws down against the man of steel. There are many versions of this character in plastic form, so choose wisely.

Check out the gallery and some information below, you can also head on over to Mezco’s Official Site for more information on all of their exciting, innovative products.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • He has over 32 point of articulation (yes, that means his armor is fully-articulated)
  • Fully costumed, featuring cloth cape
  • Electronic, battery-powered light-up eyes
  • Pre-order is expected to hit May – June 2016
  • Final accessories to be announced