During the production of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, director Michael Bay had said that he had no intentions of returning to the franchise, well, since he loves money and giant robots; he will in fact be back for Transformers 4. There isn’t much details about the plot of the new movie, other than it will be the footing on a new trilogy and a new set of Autobots will be at the forefront of the series. That doesn’t mean we won’t see some familiar faces though. Bay confirmed that Peter Cullen will be back to voice Autobot leader, Optimus Prime. He also mentioned that the movies will take place after the ‘Battle for Chicago’ and continue where the previous films left off. Shia LaBeouf is not coming back, but there is no word about Tyrese Gibson or John Turturro.

So, how do I feel about this? I’m OK with it. I’m a huge Michael Bay fan, and when we’re talking about robots battling each other, I’m more than happy with Bay behind the camera. I’m not one of those people who think he ruined my childhood. I mean really people, he took your favorite cartoon based on a TOY LINE and turned it into a movie. Give the man a little liberty with the source material.

My only problem is that I’d like to see Bay do something else. Yes, he’s got Pain & Gain coming out before TF4. That’s an original movie, and should be good considering Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson are in the leads. I guess for me, I just want to see Bad Boys 3. Probably more than any other movie he could make. I LOVE the Bad Boys movies, especially part 2; and to see Martin Lawrence and Will Smith team up to a sequel of a GOOD movie franchise (not MIB or Big Momma’s House) would make me the happiest geek. Until that day comes, and the stars align, I guess we will have more Robots in Disguise. Given the crap movies that have come out this summer, that’s not all that bad.