TMNT group

We announced a while back that the Michael Bay produced Ninja Turtles movie was going to have major re-writes. Turtles creator, Kevin Eastman, said that he wanted to make sure the film would be going in the right direction and live up to fan expectations. Apparently  something must have gone write, because the Jonathan Liebesman directed project will begin filming this upcoming April.

Will it kick shell and be everything that the fans want? Probably not. I’d be happy to just see a live-action remake of the TMNT CGI film; but we shall see. Just to see a bunch of guys in suits beating up The Foot will put a smile on this fanboy’s face regardless. Unless it involves that ridiculous girl Turtle. That was just an abomination.

The film will be shot in New York, in April. Ironic? We’ll keep ya posted on more Ninja Turtles news as it comes in here to DFAT.