Michael J. Fox is really one of the best actors of our time. He’s time-traveling wise-acre in Back To The Future, Marty McFly, he’s deputy-mayor on Spin City, Mike Flaherty, and he’s my favorite medium in The Frighteners, Frank Bannister. The guy is loveable. He has an incurable disease that he’s turned into an indomitable spirit to advocate for Parkinson’s Awareness through his ‘Michael J. Fox Foundation‘. The guy really can do it all. Just look at his stint on last season’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, it was brilliant! He’s still GOT IT!

So, now he’s teamed up with ‘Easy A’ director Will Gluck and Sam Laybourne, writer of series “Cougar Town” and “Arrested Development”, to develop a prime-time comedy slated for 2013. Apparently there is already a ‘bidding war’ over which network is going to get the show, and there hasn’t even been a pilot yet! Fox has a great working relationship with all of the networks, so I’m sure that he can pick whichever one that he wants.

We’ll keep you posted as more news comes in on this development, and remember that you read it here on DFAT first!

Thanks to BadassDigest for the heads up!