There’s many things that come to mind when we think of Michael Jackson. He was the King of Pop. He was a man that literally changed the way that we listen to music. There has never been a bigger artist than him, and I’d be willing to put that up against The Beatles. Michael Jackson had songs that were far before his time and continue to be anthems to this day. When he walked on stage, or rather Moon-Walked on stage, the crowds erupted. His voice, his moves, and also his Fashion made him more than a man; he was a legend.

Michael Jackson was a fashion icon. From the red leather jacket, to the white rhinestone glove, down to the white socks and black dress shoes; MJ was the epitome of swagger. Every piece of clothing that Jackson wore was instantly emulated and could be recognizable as easy as the American Flag.

Delving into the The King of Style, by Michael Bush is a dream come true for any true fan of Michael Jackson. Bush was Jackson’s fashion designer for 25 years and he explores what it was like to dress MJ; and what went in to making him a fashion icon. The book gives a chronological look at MJ’s life through the clothes he wore, and how it inspired not only people, but the fashion designers themselves.

Jackson would always be pushing the boundaries of what he wore. He never settled to go the ‘norm’ until later on in his career, opting to put away the glove, and trade it in for a simple v-neck t-shirt and a pair of black pants. Yet, before that time, you can see the military themes that Jackson incorporated into his looks, as well as his experimentation with the style of British Royalty.

I HIGHLY recommend The King of Style to any fan of the late Michael Jackson. I never had a chance to see him in my lifetime and the book serves as a deeper connection to one of the greatest entertainers to ever grace the stage. His style is often emulated, but no one has ever come close to what Jackson did with clothing. Stop on over to Insight Editions to pick yourself up a copy of this great read!



Michael Bush worked personally with Michael Jackson for 25 years to create some of the most original and indelible clothing ever worn by a musical performer. Using his professional background in theatrical costume construction and dance, they created thousands of custom artistic pieces that captured the essence of a one-of-a-kind pop star. He lives in Hollywood, CA.

The King of Style from Insight Editions is 109pgs and retails for $45.00. You can visit Insight Editions website here.