Nothing like seeing a game that’s a mix of Legacy of Kain and Assassins Creed, but all set in the realm of Lord of the Rings. That’s what you’re getting from the upcoming game, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. The idea of going around all stealthy and killing orcs and goblins has me pretty pumped up. I’ve been waiting for a Mature game to hit this franchise, and with next-level graphics, Shadow of Mordor is nothing short of impressive.

Below, we have a new trailer called that focuses on the fighting and the magic aspects of the game. Beware younger viewers, this is not for the faint of heart.

[box_light]In Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, gamers take on the role of Talion, a valiant ranger whose family is slain in front of him the night Sauron and his army return to Mordor, moments before his own life is taken. Resurrected by a Spirit of vengeance and empowered with Wraith abilities, Talion ventures into Mordor and vows to destroy those who have wronged him. Through the course of his personal vendetta, Talion uncovers the truth of the Spirit that compels him, learns the origins of the Rings of Power and ultimately confronts his true nemesis.

Every enemy that players face is a unique individual, differentiated by their personality, strengths and weaknesses. Through the Nemesis System, enemy relationships and characteristics are shaped by player actions and decisions to create personal archenemies that remember and adapt to the player and are distinct to every gameplay session. Gamers are able to craft their own battles, enemies and rewards within the dynamic world that remembers and adapts to their choices, delivering a unique experience to every player.[/box_light]