Disclaimer: I want it to be known, this article is supposed to be made of cheese.

Entertainment Weekly released today that the legendary, rodent-communicating super heroine, Squirrel Girl, is getting her very own solo ongoing! This makes her yet another new female leading in her own Marvel comic added to the list of; Storm, Angela, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Ms.Marvel, Elektra, Spider-Woman, The New Thor, and She-Hulk If you’ve never heard of this boundlessly amazing, ever talented, don’t-take-no-jive-from-no-evil-villain preachin’ hero then you seriously need to check yourself. She’s the only character to ever defeat; Doctor Doom, MODOK, Deadpool, Wolverine and even the Mad Titan himself, Thanos!

Squirrel Girl Marvel 02In her new series, she will be tackling her most daunting opponent yet, college. Of course, along the way there will be some cosmic battles, maybe a little earth saving, and definitely some mighty evil butt-kicking. Writer Ryan North and Artist Erica Henderson will be bringing the fuzz with “Unbeatable Squirrel Girl” this January. Be ready, be alert, and keep your eyes to the trees.