Minecraft Movie in the Works

 Hot on the heels of the success that is The Lego Movie, it has been announced that Warner Bros has acquired the rights to develop a Minecraft movie with Lego Movie producer Roy Lee.

He will produce the film via his Vertigo Entertainment with assistance from Jill Messick.

The hugely popular game has just surpassed 100 million users since its beta debut in 2009. The game permits players to build in an open world environment while defending themselves from the night-dwelling creepers. It is one of the top five open-world games on the market currently.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how the game will be brought to the big screen. The series has released several packs that bring “skins” over from popular games like Borderlands 2 and Mass Effect, similarly to how Lego has released games based on popular books and comic book series.