Video-game consoles  and computers may have the components required for all the high-end games we see, but the mobile world provides a smorgasbord of indie games for playing on the run.  And with Playstation having become a great venue for all developers to work on (from big ones such as AE, to smaller ones like thatgamecompany), it seemed only logical for the mobile world to intersect with it.

Playstation Mobile is going to be exactly that! Unity for Playstation is a development software that allows the ability for developers of mobile games (Android, iOS, etc) to port their games to the Playstation Vita and Playstation TV.  The have the option adjusting controls to the dual-analog sticks Playstation provides with it’s gaming, along with the option the provide the game for free (through the Playstation Store) should the developer wish to do so.  Though the focus of First-Party games might lesson as far as developing games straight for the Vita, the Vita will still remain strong with these Mobile games, along with the PS Now (which is basically a “streaming” service for old Playstation games, which allows even more games to be played now). playstation-mobile Basically, where console games usually cannot be played on your phone, your phone games will now be able to be played on your consoles.  For those owning a Vita or the PSTV, game availability just opened up to a huge selection of games.  More importantly, this might eventually lead to new type of games, that mix both the mobile versions and the console versions in one way or another.  Though no word as of right now, trophies might eventually come into the mix as far as the mobile games go! unity-vita Another great step from Sony, opening up the world for all developers to work in even more!