Just in time for Halloween, Mondo has announced the most epic ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ poster ever made. Created and designed by Matt Ryan, this design is the perfect homage to my favorite slasher, Freddy Kruger. The artist went on to talk about the poster via his blog:

I personally wanted to capture the suburban quiet calm night. The clean and oh-so-perfect little white-picket fenced street. So quiet you could hear a pin drop but in no way could you hear the approaching menace of an immortal dream stalker demon/ex-child killer who preys on you at your most vulnerable…while you sleep.

The visual to any fans of the film might be familiar. It was inspired by Tina’s nightmare scene in which Freddy’s arms grow and stretch and reach out beyond human means. This is really the first time you really learn of Freddy’s ability to bend his dream world to do whatever he wants. That’s always a terrifying thought – that someone/something evil has that much control over your dreams… 

I wanted Freddy to actually be interacting with the landscape..breaking the fourth wall to a degree. Freddy’s arms reaching and stretching and coiling around the houses on Elm St. In and out of bedroom windows like a snake. Both houses on the left and right being Tina and Glen’s houses specifically. 

I wanted people to look at this poster and be transported there.


A Nightmare on Elm Street by Matt Ryan Tobin
36″x24″ Screen Print, Edition of 250 
Printed by D&L Screenprinting 


A Nightmare on Elm Street (Variant) by Matt Ryan Tobin
36″x24″ Screen Print, Edition of 125
Printed by D&L Screenprinting 

The 36″ x 24″ print had a regular edition of 250 and a “retro variant edition” of just 150. Check out both prints below, and be sure to check Mondo’s website for any that still remain after this past weekend’s event; if they didn’t sell out, that’s where you’ll find them!