Someday I’ll be able to get my hands on some amazing artwork from the Mondo Gallery, but in the meantime, I’ll share some great stuff for you Towelites. The next show from Mondo will be called Info*Rama and it’s going to feature infographic film posters from some famed artists including: Tom Whalen, Kevin Tong, and Matt Taylor. Take a look below to learn more.

Beloved Films Get Ilustratrative & Informative Treatment From

Famed Artists Tom Whalen, Kevin Tong & Matt Taylor

Mondo Gallery presents its next show, Info*Rama, featuring infographic film posters from Tom Whalen, Kevin Tong and Matt Taylor that seek to illustrate and illuminate classics like Batman, The Avengers, Star Wars and many more. All three artists will be in attendance for the opening night gala at the Mondo Gallery on Friday, June 24 from 7-10pm.
Opening Night: Friday, June 24 7pm-10pm
Show Run: June 24 – July 9
Regular Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12pm – 6pm
Address: 4115 Guadalupe Street in Austin, TX.
Founded in 2014 by Kevin Tong and Tom Whalen, Info*Rama has created infographic posters that are meticulously researched and illustrated. Previous examples of beautiful and informative artwork in the realms of science, technology and culture can be found at
“Since it launched, the Info*Rama project from Kevin Tong and Tom Whalen has been one of our favorite new developments in the poster world. We were excited to bring their illustrative infographic approach to our film properties, and adding Matt Taylor to the show was an incredible bonus. Sometimes collaborations come easily and feel really natural, and this is a perfect example of that,” said Mondo Creative Director Mitch Putnam.
“Info*Rama, from the beginning has just been so enjoyable because Mitch Putnam, Tom Whalen, and I stumbled upon something that combines all the things we love: art, learning, and working with friends whose art we admire. I’ve been a big fan of Tom for years and Matt Taylor consistently delivers top notch intelligent work, so there was no question about having him join us. The work they’ve done for the show is among their finest,” said artist Kevin Tong.
The Military Forces of the Galactic Empire (regular & variant) by Kevin Tong (24″ x 36″)
The Batmobile by Tom Whalen (36″ x 24″)
The Avengers by Matt Taylor (24″ x 36″)