We had talked last year about Mondo and Restoration Games bring the fun in UNMATCHED: JURASSIC PARK. We’re super happy to say that you can finally get your hands on this game NOW. Read more about it below and hold on to your butts!

The long-awaited arrival of the next set in Mondo Games and Restoration Games’ Unmatched series is upon us, and this time around: we’ve brought the battle to Isla Nublar! For the first time ever, in Unmatched: JURASSIC PARK – InGen vs. Raptors, man and dinosaur face off in a deadly hunt in and around the iconic Raptor paddock. Can trusted Game Warden Robert Muldoon and his team of InGen security guards overcome the three Clever Girls loose in the park? 
Illustrated by Unmatched veteran Oliver Barrett, the cards in this 2-Player standalone are chock full of references to the 1993 film, and bring two brand new fighting styles to the repertoire of the brand.
Encounter the familiar dueling action from previous Unmatched releases while exploring exciting new elements unique to this set. Muldoon is an experienced hunter who has the opportunity to lay Trap Tokens around the board at the start of each turn; if an opponent moves into a space with one of those bad boys; their movement ends immediately and they take damage.
Meanwhile beware movement in and around the Raptor paddock – the addition of new “one way” arrows means that although there are many ways in, there’s only one path out. If a hero isn’t careful, they could find themselves trapped!
Unmatched: JURASSIC PARK is for sale now at mondoshop.com.