I have spent many, many hours playing Monster Hunter. My first exposure to the series was on handheld, on the PSP with Freedom Unite, and then console, Wii with Tri. For a game that is mostly grinding and hunting, it is very addictive. To my surprise we never saw a game put out on PS3 and it was starting to look like they wouldn’t be releasing a version for current consoles until now! Coming either later this year or early 2014, Capcom will be releasing Monster Hunter Frontier G for WiiU, PS3, and Vita! I am really looking forward to having a portable version of this game again. The simplified mechanics and gameplay was what really made this game desirable. The ability to be able to pick it up and chase after another dragon or dinosaur can’t be beat! If you haven’t had the pleasure of a Monster Hunter game check this one out, it’s apparently available for PC and XBOX 360 already, or pick up one if its earlier incarnations!

Stay tooned 😛