Listen, I’m a big fan of Monster Hunter and the only reason I haven’t played is because I cannot commit to buying a Nintendo console. In fact I haven’t owned a Nintendo since the original Wii, on which I played endless hours of Monster Hunter 3. Capcom and Nintendo have announced that Monster Hunter XX is coming to the Switch and will players will be able to swap data between it and the 3Ds version, aka Monster Hunter Generations.

First off, isn’t the point of having a Switch so you can take your game on the go? Second, this game looks like a port of the 3Ds version and doesn’t look to be much of an improvement from what I was playing 9 years ago. Listen Nintendo, either start taking yourselves seriously or give up the franchise because I would love to jam out some Monster Hunter on my PS4.

Nonetheless, here’s the trailer with all of its monster hunting goodness which I will once again not be able to partake in. Look for the game to hit in Japan this August and keep on waiting for that NA date to be revealed.