A little while back, I had the fortunate privilege to talk to James Patrick about his Kickstarter Project, The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb. You can read the interview HERE. Since then, Patrick has released the first part of the ongoing series and Jimmy Crumb 2I had the chance to check it out being one of the backers on the project.

Jimmy Crumb is one of the most curious comics that I’ve had to pleasure to read. Knowing that Patrick is a horror fan, and a TRUE horror fan at that, you can really tell that in every panel of the comic. His writing is gives us a sense of dread as we know that there’s more behind little Jimmy Crumb, and there’s a lot more yet to be revealed.

This first issue serves to lay some of the groundwork for Jimmy’s psychosis and the Monsters that he seems to control. Jimmy is a loner right from the bat. He has a hard time fitting in with the other kids, and I can understand why. He talks like a robot that’s programmed to “play” a human. He’s definitely no ordinary eight year old boy. We don’t know why jimmy crumb 3Jimmy can interact with Monsters, and we don’t know where his parents are. All we do know is that he uses his
relationships with some of the most evil Urban Legends to exact out his revenge.

As much as I enjoyed the story and where it’s going heading, I have to give major praise to Jen Hickman. For everything that Patrick writes, Hickman is the one to truly bring it to life.  She has a way with her lettering to really bring a scene to life, and the gore is truly horrifying and gruesome as one of the Monsters eviscerates or decapitates one of it’s victims.

I know it’s just the first part and there are more amazing comics to come, but I would like to give the first entry in The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb a 9.5 outta 10. I enjoyed how the story started, I loved the artwork, and I’m excited to see what other gruesome things are on their way. If you’re a fan of the macabre and horror in general, then I highly recommend this comic.

The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb will be due out soon and as it gets closer to a release date, we’ll be sure to keep you posted here at DFAT. Make sure to LIKE the 21 Pulp and James Patrick Facebook pages to be updated on the project as well!

the monsters of jimmy crumb poster