James Patrick is back with another amazing comic and this time it’s about the working class of superheroes. Patrick is the creator of one of my favorite comics of the past few years, The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb, and this time he’s tackling the workplace in a different way. You think that you have a crummy job? Well read about what it’s like for the minimum wage workers of the Hero Hourly!


Their job sucks too.

After knocking out critics and fans with The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb, 21 Pulp is launching another Kickstarter-first book on Wednesday, February 25th, with the action-packed and humorous Hero Hourly.

Minimum wage. Passive-aggressive bosses. Lousy benefits. It doesn’t matter that they can pick up a bus, their job is just as lousy as yours. Hero Hourly is an action-packed and hilarious look at the workplace with all the superhero action that comics are known for.

“I can pretty much guarantee this is one of the funniest books you’ll read this year,” said 21 Pulp Publisher Leith Stetson. “It’s a crazy look at all the things that happen at every workplace, but with a unique slant.”

The 64-page original, color graphic novel is by Batman writer James Patrick, 2000 AD artist Carlos Trigo, and colorist Jen Hickman. This limited edition will be offered only on Kickstarter with unique packages and incentives like tees, posters, and creative pieces like your own Hero Hourly employment file with customized items like timecard,  nametag, and disciplinary report.

Go to 21pulp.com or the 21 Pulp Facebook to learn more, and get your copy of Hero Hourly on Kickstarter TODAY. Just don’t read it at work.

21 Pulp is the awesome, new publishing company of critically-acclaimed and award-winning talent. The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb met its goals on Kickstarter and appears in comic shops March 25th, and Imposter will be released in the summer

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