I want to be… A PYTHON! Monty Python announces reunion.

There was this one group of performers when I was a teenager that made me feel sane, they made me feel smart when I got the joke and more so than that they made me feel superior to all other American kids when I quoted a joke that only the adults got. That group was Monty Python. To this day I still quote Monty Python left and right, they were truly a gift from the comedy gods. But they haven’t done anything new as a group in 30 years (which is longer than I’ve been alive, so that’s saying something about their work), so why the heck should anyone care about them anymore?

Well the living members of the group: John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Eric Idle and Michael Palin announced that they will be reuniting and getting the Flying Circus back together! The five have been in secret talks for month now ironing out all the details, schedule and of course monetary issues. According to reports this isn’t the first time the group has tried to reunite, but it is the first time the group realized it was now or never for their reunion and the time was right for a full fledged circus.

It’s been confirmed that the troupe will be reuniting for a stage show. No date has been set either. The last time the group was together was in their film The Meaning of Life; all members are in their seventies. The last time the group tried to reunite was in the 80s before member Graham Chapman passed away of cancer, since then the remaining members have pursued solo projects.

This will truly be an event British comedy fans and revelers of the odd won’t want to miss. And hey, we’re looking on the bright side of life that this reunion will be very very soon.

~Princess Marvel