Announced at the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event, Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be the final chapter in the “Final Fantasy XIII” Saga which started with Final Fantasy XIII and continued on with Final Fantasy XIII-2 earlier this year. The game is said to be set well into the future, taking place many years after the events of XII-2.

Some rather interesting details regarding the game have emerged, first and formost, unlike virtually every other Final Fantasy game out there, you will only have one character, Lightning herself. The Combat is said to be a  mixture of the old XIII battle system, with a bunch of new real time mechanics added in as well, giving you more control over Lightning than you’ve ever had before. Even more interesting, is the fact that the game will have a time limit set on it, as the world will end in 13 days, and as soon as you start, you’ll always be seeing the timer slowly count down towards doomsday. Everything you do takes time, and you also be able to rewind time to do over actions, such as if you die mid battle, however the doomsday clock is fixed, so you’ll have to watch out!

Check out this video of the presentation, showing of the art direction, giving us our first look at what the game world will look like!

No release date has been set, as the game just entered production last month, so stay tuned to DAFT and we’ll let you know the minute we do!

~The Ox