This November, Mario will be going back to the world of paper, for his latest RPG adventure. This time he will be going portable, with Paper Mario: Sticker Star coming exclusively to the Nintendo 3DS. This looks to be a more traditional Paper Mario game, abandoning the game play of 2007’s Super Paper Mario , which at first kinda didn’t sit well with me, as I’ve mentioned at length before how much i enjoyed that game.

I shouldn’t of worried though, because based on everything I’ve seen so far, the game is looking great. As mentioned, the game share much of its traits with The Paper Mario games of old, including Turn Based combat, however, instead of giving you experience like most RPGS, you are going to just earn coins from the battles, whereas you can net experience from doing things in the world, such as solving puzzles. The biggest addition seems to be the Sticker System , which are collectible stickers that can be used to solve puzzles, used in combat, and to change up the environment enabling you to pass. Stickers come in multiple sizes, with the more important ones being larger and taking up more room in your inventory, which can be expanded buy purchasing space with your coins.

Check out the E3 trailer and try to tell yourself this isn’t going to be awesome.

You can pick up Paper Mario: Sticker Star on November 11th only on the Nintendo 3DS, and check back then for our full review at Don’t Forget A Towel