Chaz recently posted a very good question on Facebook;  how many bands “post-2000” are actually considered, not only good, but lasting?

After thinking on this for a while, I realized that any band I could think of worthy of such title ended up being from before 2000 (NIN, Radiohead, etc).  And so it seems that the 2000’s is indeed failing to provide us with any noteworthy and exceptional bands/musicians.

One band mentioned during this discussion though, was Mumford & Sons.  There isn’t much to judge on them, considering they only have one album out… until today!


Today is the release of their second album Babel, and I must admit, I’m quite excited.  Their first album was great, beginning to end.  Seeing them live was also amazing – their performance creating so much energy, the entire crowd was singing with them at the top of their lungs; literally one of the most impressive shows I’ve seen.  And I was fortunate, because they played a lot of the “upcoming” songs (I suppose to find on this new album), and remember that those were just as good.

So, grab the new album and give it a listen – cause this just might be one of the good bands we’ve been waiting for.