Fr(E3) For All
The biggest game event of the year is here and it looks like this year will be spectacular! Aside from the stuff I know will be coming, like Dragon Age and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, I’m also excited about what might be announced this week.
thumbs-up fallout
Fallout 4
This eagerly anticipated sequel to Fallout 3 and New Vegas would be a welcome announcement for me. I loved Fallout 3 and was somewhat disappointed with New Vegas. Rumor has it that it may be set in Boston, which has become one of my new favorite cities since visiting for PAX East 2014.
Bethesda has been devoting a lot of attention to The Elder Scrolls this year, so I hope my other favorite franchise from them will be getting some love in the next twelve months.
Mass Effect
The New Mass Effect Game
Naturally, you should have expected this one to be mentioned. I don’t want to call it Mass Effect 4, as some other outlets have, because it will not be part of Shepard’s story (though I wouldn’t be surprised if references will be made in the game).
My good friend and I would be keen to see a game based on The First Contact Wars. It is so critical and mentioned often enough in the trilogy that some type of game would be an excellent addition to the canon. That being said, we do have some reservations about what a game that is humans vs. Turians would feel like.
Bioware has been really mum about what it could be, when it will be set, who will be in it…it’d be nice to see some old friends but I’m not going to hold out hope we’ll be seeing my favorite Commander on the Citadel this time around.
There is talk of an Xbox One exclusive third party announcement, and I’m hoping it isn’t that this game will be it.
Dragon age 3 slider
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Again, another installment of a favorite franchise. Dragon Age II wasn’t awful, it just wasn’t the same as Origins. It felt a little rushed, as people warned me it might be. It’s only other sin was coming along around the time I got addicted to Mass Effect. I’m excited to see more of what they will be developing with the feedback that fans gave them the last time around.
Bioware has been teasing new characters on social media over the last few days and I’m pretty amped to see how they will play into the main story. I really want to love it. I have literally a week to enjoy it before my other eagerly anticipated release comes out…convenient segway to…
Borderlands Pre Sequel 03
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
As you saw last week, there’s a new trailer! Every time I learn more about this game I get more and more excited to play it. I hope they will give us more play time for the other three characters. Athena is going to kick some butt, but I want to see what Nisha, Wilhelm, and Claptrap will bring to the table.
While they won’t be having a live press conference, there are a few games that will be highlighted, including Legend of Zelda and a tournament for Super Smash Bros. Will they announce anything game changing for the company? I have no idea, but after their conspicuous absence at PAX East, I’m hoping for something awesome.
There are some photos of something called Mario Maker, which gives me some hope that one day I’ll get to build my own Mario game. Or something. So I hope they will elaborate on that!
So Towelites, what are you looking forward to this week?  Sound off in the comments section and let us know what YOU wanna see at E3!
~The Myrrick