Well SDCC has come and gone! There were some amazing announcements from all of our favorite toy companies and the future slate looks to drain my wallet! But no news is more exciting than seeing the next wave of Mythic Legions from Four Horsemen Studios! Born out of the MOST SUCCESSFUL Kickstarter ever for action figures, Mythic Legions has found their place on many collector’s shelves. Well they aren’t done yet!

Four Horsemen Mythic LegionsComing soon (hopefully late this year) 4HS will kick off another Kickstarter that will bring more races and warriors to the battlefield, including female sculpts. If you look below you will find both a female knight and vampire, both look amazing!

If you want more information on Mythic Legions and the other amazing things the 4H do then head on over to their official website or their online store. Check out the full gallery from SDCC below and get your wallets ready!