One of the coolest things about Toy Fair is walking around a corner and coming upon a random toy company that you didn’t even realize was going to be there. That was the case when we saw that Four Horsemen Studios would be showing off their Mythic Legions Line. They currently have a Kickstarter for the figures, which includes of a slew of amazing Fantasy-inspired figures.

We got the chance to talk to Eric ‘Cornboy’ Mayse of the Four Horsemen, who told us about a bit of the history of the company, as well as the new line. The group worked together at McFarlane from 1993-1999, but stepped away after the figures starting to move from articulated toys, to mini-statues. Something that us fans have noticed as well.

After that, they took the journey working at Mattel on DC Collectibles and Masters of the Universe lines, amongst others! Finally, in 2010 they started to do the action figures that THEY wanted to do and created Power Lords, Ravens, and the upcoming Mythic Legions line.

Shown below are figures from their previous, and successful, Kickstarter for Gothitropolis.

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The Horsemen decided to take to Kickstarter once again to crowdfund the project, as they proved previously that it’s a good way to gain exposure and raise a buzz. Going to Toy Fair was their first time premiering the Mythic Legions figures to the outside public. Let me just say, these figures are going to blow people away. Around 30 points of articulation a piece and endless customization possibilities.

I love this company because they are making the types of toys that fans have been begging for. If this line does well, they will expand to do more sets based on Futuristic characters, Medieval times, and more. Make sure to support this independent studio by donating to the Kickstarter and helping them reach their goal. If you’d like to learn more, visit their website to get the latest updates.

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