Four Horsemen Studios have created an indie line of action figures like no other and they are still going strong. Mythic Legions started as THE most successful action figure Kickstarter of all time and has only gotten better since!  I’m not even sure what number release this is but I love this in-between waves that add new characters to the fray.

This time around the theme is ‘Wasteland’ and there are some pretty cool figures to be had! Of course there are a couple of new MOTU tribute figures that will be available at Power-Con this year but if you are a fan of this “line within a line” then I suggest you scoop them up real quick! Check out all of the reveals for Mythic Legions: Wasteland and get your pre-order on now over at Store Horsemen!!

Listen Up Casuals 005 – THOR

*Editor's Note: We recorded this the week before Spider-Man: No Way Home. So please excuse our speculations... which mostly came true. Rocco and Chris are back and they've brought their friend Jake to the mic to talk about the God of Thunder, THOR ODINSON! Check out...

Star Wars Sundays – Tomorrow & Tomorrow, A Star Wars Fan Film

Friend of DFAT, Don Burns, is back and this time he's taking Rochester NY to a Star Wars Galaxy in a whole new fan film. Tomorrow & Tomomorrow pairs Shakespeare's Macbeth with George Lucas's characters. Watch and enjoy!

Star Warriors Podcast – Marvel Comics December 2021

Rocco and Chris are back with the first Marvel Comics episode of the New Year! The latest event Crimson Reign has begun so listen as we break down what happened in the pages of your favorite Star Wars comics from Marvel! Enjoy and check out the other great shows on...

Towelite Talk Ep 216 – Call of the Towelite

The giant mechanical monsters loomed high above the tree line. Casey and Chris knew this was their chance to reunite with their clan but they had to make it across this next clearing. Luckily during their mad dash they were able to record this podcast!!!!! RUN. Enjoy...