The DFAT Team is participating in Novembers National Novel Writer’s Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. We will be working our stories and having you, the Towelites, particpate with us on our journey. We will be dropping excerpts from the novels, asking you for hints and tips to help us along the way, and after it’s all over we’ll let you know who actually complteed the challenge, and who fell by the wayside.

This is a challenge that many of us have tried throughout the years, but none of us have actually completed the 50,000 word challenge. So, check out the snyposis for the novels of The Myrrick, and then a collaboration of CynicNerd, CheriMonster, Mozeus, and I. Doc has his thoughts on writing his novel in another article that you can find on the site from last night.

From The Myrrick: 

My NANOWRIMO quest for this November has been a while in the making. Without giving out how old I actually am, I have been working on it in some form since I was 13. My ultimate goal is to have a first draft by my birthday, just so my inner thirteen year old will stop asking when it’s finished (we have a complicated relationship).
The plot is centered around one woman. A woman who’s basically lost everything, but yet is still willing to fight for something she believes in, while discovering things about her history that will literally change everything, and preparing herself and the people she loves for a war to end all wars. It’s got religion (I’m intrigued by polytheism, so expect subtle allusions to Greek, Roman, and Nordic Myth), politics, and some dystopian future elements to it.
Admitting what it’s about (without giving too much away about a plot that I’ve changed about 9 billion times since starting), is probably one of the scariest things I’ve done in my life. If I can overcome that fear, I’ll share some excerpts here.
I’m excited to be toiling alongside my fellow towelites, and it’s going to be awesome to be under the gun again (or so I am trying to tell myself).

~The Myrrick 

From Chaz, CynicNerd, CheriMonster, and Mozeus

Four characters meet on a Crossroads in a barren land. They have no recollection of going to this place, or how they got in the road to begin with. They each reveal stories how of they lived and the journeys they’ve been on. Throughout the course of the novel you learn about these strangers and it is revealed what brought them there in the first place.

The novel will be written from multiple perspectives, as each writer tells about their protagonist.  None of us know who each other’s characters are at this point, so It’ll be interesting to see what the rest of the DFAT crew is working on. I’ll be constructing the beginning, middle, and end; along with my main characters short story. I will be trying to make the story outside the mini stories a cohesive piece, but that will probably all be worked out “in post.” As they say in film biz.

We will all be armed with computers, of different sizes and brands. Our amazing wits, and the support of each other and YOU FANS to get us to our 50,000 word mark.  I’m so happy to be starting this adventure with the whole DFAT Team working on it and I appreciate all the support of the fans. Make sure to leave comments on the excerpts we drop, videos we vlog, and Facebook Updates we Tweet.

Now, let’s get to writing that Novel!