Alien 3 is not a well-loved movie amongst fans of the franchise and I’m not really sure why. Yes it doesn’t stand up to its predecessors, yet not many films can. It was David Fincher’s directorial debut and it has a pretty stellar cast including Sigourney Weaver (duh), Charles S. Dutton, and Game of Thrones‘ Charles Dance.  Even Lance Hendrickson makes a return. Personally I thought that the plot was good and the location, Fiorina “Fury” 361, was dark and isolated making it the perfect hunting ground for the Xenomorph. Remember being young and thinking what would happen if the facehugger got onto something other than a human? Of course the classic Kenner line answered those questions for us in the form of action figures, but it was Fincher’s film that brought the Dog Alien to life. Movie fanatics know that there was a deleted scene where a cow was impregnated instead, but either animal works. Though I would have loved to see a bull alien similar to the classic toy. Speaking of action figures, that’s why we are here today. Aliens Series 3 hit stores a few months back and I am finally getting around to reviewing the latest Xeno from the lot.

Dog Alien

Let’s take a look at the packaging. This is the first time that we are seeing the Alien 3 card and I hope that NECA has the opportunity to do a few humans from the movie. I’m pretty confident that we will see a bald Ripley at some point in the near future.

Previous versions of this monster from other toy lines have not been very good, but what NECA does with it is hands down amazing! It has a ton of articulation allowing you to pose it in so many different ways. I believe it to be the most versatile Xeno action figure to date.

As usual the sculpting is beautifully done and NECA has replicated the exoskeleton of the Dog Alien perfectly. The jaw itself has a hinge function allowing you to open its mouth and extend its secondary “attacking” jaw. The tail is bendable/poseable and you to move it in every direction. But what is most impressive about this action figure is the shear size of it. Below you can see a comparison shot of it with the Bishop figure. From head to tail tip this thing is over a foot long! It’s legs are longer than a normal sized figure! This alone speaks of NECA’s quality and dedication to creating the most accurate figures on the market. They could have easily have skimped on the length but they didn’t and it truly makes the figure. Also the Alien is not limited to being on “all fours”. This is something that in past versions took away from the display of the figure, but not this time around. In fact, with the amazing stand that is included you are able to do some pretty creepy poses.

It’s nice to have another Xenomorph to add to my Aliens collection, especially such a unique one like the Dog Alien. No matter what your opinion on that film is there’s no reason not to love this action figure. This was the first Xeno figure that I’ve had the chance to open up and play with, besides the Queen, and I am more than impressed. Looks like I’ll be snagging doubles of future ones for sure, especially the Isolation one! These are becoming harder and harder to find at retail, I got lucky because my TRU had just stocked an entire peg of them. So keep a look out because Series 4 (which you can preorder here) is right around the corner so you just may find some of these figures on the shelves still.

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