Do you miss the days of classic Warcraft and Starcraft? Are you ready to return to a golden age of gaming?

Then it’s time to open up The Toy Chest!

Yesterday, Kotaku broke the exclusive story that NECA would be teaming up with Blizzard to bring fans of the upcoming, free-to-play MOBA ‘Heroes of the Storm’, an amazing action figure line based on their favorite characters! NECA has already released an impressive Lord of Terror figure based on the hit video game ‘Diablo III’, so they are no stranger to the world of Blizzard. This is the perfect opportunity for them to create characters from all of the different franchises under one line.

Back in October, I had the opportunity to visit the NECA workshop. Unfortunately there wasn’t much I could share at the time due to a lot of things being on the “hush-hush”. Finally, one of the lines I was privy to was officially announced and we can talk a little bit about my experience. It was amazing to watch the product being sculpted by hand, as I watched as the designer worked on Illidan’s weapon. I was also shown a website that the they use to craft the weapons (from swords, guns, and more) to the most accurate representation. You need to see what Snake’s gun in Escape from New York looked like, you’ll find it! My trip to NECA was a real treat and educational, especially for someone who loves collectibles as much as I do!NECA workshop 01

You can check out the first wave of ‘Heroes of the Storm’ figures below, but please head on over to Kotaku to check out the rest of the awesome pictures and read their write up!

Heroes of the Storm 01

Image Source: Kotaku

If you are unfamiliar with ‘Heroes of the Storm’, the game takes characters from across Blizzard’s different franchises (‘Warcraft’, ‘Starcraft’, and ‘Diablo) pitting them all against each other in a classic, real-time strategy game. If you would like more information head on over to the ‘Heroes of the Storm’ Official Site. No release date has been set but the game is due out this year, so for now check out the official trailer!

With Toy Fair 2015 kicking off this weekend, be sure to check back here for more updates as Casey and I will be traveling into the Big Apple to geek out and check out the latest offerings from all of our favorite toy companies! Toon into DFAT starting Sunday! See you then Towelites!