Hopefully you are not a stranger to the great collectibles that NECA has been producing for over a decade now! All of us at DFAT are huge fans and once again had the wonderful opportunity to tour the company’s booth at this year’s Toy Fair!


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This may be the first 1/4 scale NECA figure that makes its way into my collection. Based on the Big Chap from Alien, this massive collectible is beautifully sculpted and intimidating! Also on display was Aliens series 4, which is due out soon. I still can’t get over the likenesses to both Tom Skerritt and Sigourney Weaver! Now that NECA has the rights to make Ripley figures, we will be seeing her around for a long time! I’m actually looking forward to what they will do when it comes time to produce ones based off of Alien 3!

A little teaser of things to come…

..and yes that ‘ravaged’ Bishop toy is actually going to be sold at retail! Who or what will he be packed with?! I’m hoping for a Newt figure! The Ripley in the Power Loader is from an upcoming line, MAYBE she’ll be packed with the highly anticipated vehicle. The Power Loader stands at 11 inches tall and has 30+ points of articulation! With the news that Neill Blomkamp will be helming a new Alien film (NOT A REBOOT!) it looks like there’s new life being breathed into this classic franchise! I can’t wait!!


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I don’t have to remind any of you of how much I love this line! I can’t believe that it’s already on series 13, with another announced at this year’s show! Series 13 is out soon and features more of the ‘throwback’ figures based on the old Kenner line. But the big news is that we will finally be seeing the badass Predators from AvP. These are some of my favorite designs from all of the films as they have some really neat armor builds and weapons. The 2-Up prototypes looked amazing and I am really pumped to see them in their final form! No word if we’ll be seeing any of the Xenos from the movie as well.

But what really stole the show for me was the 25th Anniversary figure based on the original Dark Horse Comics comic book cover. This figure’s paint job is what really sells it for me, and I will probably have to buy two of these bad boys! It almost looks like the cell-shading that has become an awesome standard on their throwback video game figures, but with more of a comic book art flair. I love it!

Video Game Figures

Though not a part of the 8-bit video game series, look for Dante from Devil May Cry coming soon! The 2-Up was shown off at NYCC this past year and I can’t believe how great it looks in its final form! Everyone loves Little Big Planet and Sackboy is the perfect character to turn into a toy line, especially with as many costumes as he has! Look for the basic assortment and him to dress up as various Playstation characters! Shown below is Nathan Drake from Uncharted, also on display was Kratos from God of War, and someone from Killzone.

Pacific Rim

We here at DFAT loved Pacific Rim and we love NECA’s line of Kaijus and Jaegers! Seeing that we are already on series 6 means that there’s love out there for this franchise, so all you naysayers should get lost! Imagine what kind of cool collectibles the sequel will bring?! Also coming this year to Comic Con as an exclusive are “in-film” Chibis figures! Based off a scene from the movie where these toys make an appearance, NECA thought it would be a cool idea to make these for the fans. Great idea guys!


NECA Toy Fair 2015 97

Speaking of Kaiju, the original King of the Monsters will finally be getting the plastic treatment! Look for first appearance Godzilla this May!

Planet of the Apes

I had to share this beautiful diorama with you! It includes the Lawgiver Statue that’s due out in stores very soon, along with a great display of the figures from series one and two. The horse is from another non-NECA line (I won’t divulge Randy’s secrets) but it really looks like it fits in, right?! On display were the 2-Ups for series three. I hope that this series continues to do well as it has so many possibilities!

Ultimate Line

NECA has dibbled and dabbled in the Terminator series, and the big news this year is that they will be making figures based on the upcoming film, Terminator Genisys! No matter how good those films may turn out, they will never take away the nostalgia I have for Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Following up their Ultimate Freddy Krueger figure, NECA will be creating three more for the line. First up of course is the T-800 with three alternative heads and an arsenal of firearms! Speaking of Arnold, get ready your shelf ready for the ‘ultimate’ soldier, John Matrix from the movie Commando! Both of those figures were shown off in the 2-Up scale and will go into production soon. Shown off in the actual 7 inch ‘true’ scale was Ultimate Leatherface, for those horror aficionados out there, last year (when the figure was announced) was the 40th anniversary of the cult-classic. Look for the figure to hit stores in May!

1/4 Scale Figures

This was a hard secret to keep! When I visited NECA back in October, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the production samples of the Christopher Reeve 1/4 scale Superman figure. This amazing collector piece looks so much like the passed actor it’s uncanny. This will be a must have for fans of the films and Superman! The original Man of Steel will be available this May. If the darker side of the DC Universe is your cup of tea, then you will be excited to hear that NECA is making a second 1/4 scale Danny DeVito as the Penguin figure from Batman Returns! This time around Penguin is packed with his classic fur coat. Also shown, the prototype for the Batman: Arkham Knight 1/4 scale figure. I can’t wait for this game!

Here’s the rest of what NECA had on display at the show, including their newly acquired Kid Robot collectibles, clothed ‘MEGO’ style figures based on the film Interstellar, and a Halo motorcycle helmet!? All that and more, check it out!!

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Thank you so much to Summer Mullins for the great and informative booth tour! What do you think Towelites? Which products are you looking forward to the most?! Sound off in the comments!