Due to the CRAZINESS of NYCC and the mobs of people on the floor, NECA‘s Randy Falk and I didn’t have the chance to take a full tour of their booth. My main concentration was on the Alien and Predator products (check that article out here), as they are my favorite of what the company has to offer. But that’s not to say that NECA doesn’t have tons of awesome lines available outside of those two sci-fi titans! Let’s take a look at the other licenses that I had the opportunity to talk to Randy about.

NECA NYCC p2 01NECA is covering both generations of Planet of the Apes! Randy told me that with the classic line there are so many more characters to cover than within the current movie line. Especially since the apes of the new generation are actually apes, so there isn’t much to do with them other than that one “realistic” sculpt. With the classics there are clothes, accessories, and more! Not to mention a ton of films to choose from! Look for series 2 in stores soon!

NECA NYCC p2 09Next up is another line of figures that we here at DFAT really love, the 8-Bit Video Game character line! We just got an awesome looking Predator at retail from this very popular line, and Randy told me that we almost saw a Dutch figure but the colors did not work out as well. Next up we will be seeing Batman and Rocky, they also had on display the recently announced Rambo figure, which Randy and I both agree is one of our favorites because of the dynamic coloring! In regards to what’s coming next, Randy said there will be SIX offerings coming next year! Anyone care to speculate?!

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NECA’s next venture into “crossover land” brings us to the classic comic book & video game showdown of Terminator vs Robocop! These cybernetic enforcers will go head-to-head with action figures from the video game being the first on the docket! Randy told me that they are planning the next series to be sculpted based on the likeness of the classic Frank Miller comic! I may have to start collecting this line! Look for these figures at retail soon and also at Toys R Us for some pretty cool exclusives!

NECA NYCC p2 06Honorable mention goes to NECA’s amazing Batman Returns 1/4th scale Penguin figure based on the character that Danny DeVito played. I love the quality of this over-sized figure and I know fans will as well! Check out that accurate nastiness!

This concludes our coverage of the NECA booth at NYCC 2014! You can check out all of their amazing products on their OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Look forward to our coverage at Toy Fair 2015!