NECA is my favorite toy company hands down. Not only do they offer some of the best action figures on the market, they also release their amazing products at great prices. Check out what’s shipping this week below and head on over to NECA’s Official Blog for more photos and information on these Geekly collectibles!

NECA will expand its 8-bit series into the cosplay field of geekery. They previously released a mask based on the one from the Friday the 13th movies, but here is an amazing rendition of the video game one and it glows in the dark!

NECA Jason mask glow dark

His name was Jason… and this was his mask. Or at least it was in the classic Friday the 13th video game!
This full-size, wearable replica of Jason’s mask is based on the 1989 “so-bad-it’s-good” 8-bit game. The hand-painted reproduction features elastic harness straps that allow you to wear it or hang on the wall — and true to the video game original, it glows in the dark! As a bonus, the mask comes in unique, game-inspired packaging.


I had a great look at the upcoming Robocop vs The Terminator series at this years NYCC. Take a look at the awesome robot-on-robot action! NECA came up with special packaging that allows for the usage of both names. You will notice that the Robocop figures have the Robocop name on it and the Terminator ones do the same. But when you put two of the figures together, it will read Robocop vs The Terminator, nifty ways to get around licensing issues I would say!

Introducing a two-series collection inspired by the classic 1993 video game, Robocop vs. The Terminator, which was released in late 1993 for the popular 16-bit home console.
Series 1 includes two versions of The Terminator: the T-800 includes a Plasma Rifle accessory, and the Endoskeleton comes with a standing Heavy Machine Gun accessory. Series 2 includes two versions of Robocop: Flamethrower Robocop includes a massive flamethrower accessory with removable “flame spray” attachment. Fire-Damaged Robocop is partially covered in sculpted flames and comes with rocket launcher and laser pistol accessories.
All figures feature paint deco that re-creates the video game shading, are fully articulated, and stand approximately 7″ tall.

You can currently find the first release from this series at your local Toys R Us. Check out this exclusive 2-pack of Endoskeletons featuring both of the original colors from the video games!

NECA Terminator TRU 2pack 05