Those heroes in a half shell are back and once again thanks to NECA we are getting some pretty awesome action figures based on our favorite heroes and villains from the classic TV show. Just like last year’s video game tribute figures NECA will this time produce an eight figure set featuring the four turtles brothers, Shredder, Krang and two Foot Soldier ninjas.

The set will be available in a collector friendly box and each figure comes with a ton of accessories. It will be available for purchase at SDCC and as a pre-order on NECA’s website prior to the show EVEN to those who will not be attending. The collector set will run you $200 bucks, which in my opinion is a deal seeing the amount of shite you get with it. Now we just have to cross our fingers that they make an April,  Bebop and Rocksteady pack eventually. Check out the images below!

Photos via The Fwoosh