Prometheus was one of my most anticipated movies of this past summer. Ridley Scott’s return to the “Alien” universe was a warm one, as he raised new questions and answered some. The peops over at NECA have a released images and a video showcasing their new action figures, series 1.

Our series 1 assortment of Prometheus action figures features 2 different versions of one of the most popular character from the film, the Engineer. The Engineer is re-created in both his pressure suit and chair suit costumes and towers over your standard 6″”-7″” figures. These figures stand nearly 9″” tall and feature tons of detail and articulation.

I am very excited to see how they fit in with my current Alien/Predator collection, and with NECA releasing even more movie characters from this universe, it may be time to build some new dioramas!



VIA: NECA Online